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- Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, Inc.


Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, Inc.  A great testimony to a group of Fabulously, Dynamic Women who have come together to MAKE OUR YOUNG GIRLS INTO GREAT YOUNG LADIES FOR THE FUTURE!!!!

Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins

Since starting the Girls; Live, Love, Laugh program, I’ve noticed that Laila is more responsible, showing great leadership skills, and the program helped her become more focused in school.

Taneesha Gillard

My favorite thing to do in the program is hang out with my Girls; Live, Love, Laugh sisters and learn new things like praise dancing and etiquette classes. I love the program because the mentors are phenomenal and girls will learn different things that they never learned before.

Princess Laila Gillard - 8 years old

I have noticed their confidence has improved. There are a lot of things that are hard to talk about. The program talks about [many things and help Miracle & Destiny feel better about themselves]. Every single time, they call them princess; and it’s important that they know how valuable they are to the world and how beautiful they are too.

Emily Moreira

I have best friends there and support from Ms. Allison. The girls; we look out for each other and make sure that none of us gets hurt.

Princess Miracle Moreira - 8 years old

The changes that I have noticed, is that Nyla is more private now with her body, she’s learning how to be a speaker, and her overall personality. I see her opening up and learning new things like social skills and even though she’s an only child, she is learning to share more.

Rowena Scott

The program would be good for others because they have the experiences that I have. I learned a lot about self-esteem and they can learn that they are truly beautiful.

Princess Nyla Walker - 10 years old

I’ve always admired the work of you and your staff and the authentic activities that you provide for the girls you service.

Dr. Deneen Washington

Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, Inc. your group represents the kind of positive experiences we need to foster in all our children-kudos to you and your princesses and queens.

Joyce Winn McCree

Thank you so much! One of the hardest things I had to balance during this busy and demanding program was giving my girls a well rounded life. I thank you Allison James-Frison, and your team for coming into our lives and helping me in showing my girls the true princesses they are and the Queens they will become. I will never forget it and as I go forward with my new title, I will use the platform it comes with to show appreciation to organizations like this one because it’s well deserving! #SUPPORT

Basimah Sewell RN