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ABOUT US - Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, Inc.


Our Mission

Girls; Live, Love, Laugh Inc. mission is to permit every girl between the ages of 6-16 years old in the city of Newark and neighboring communities a chance to live, love, and laugh out loud through our core workshops on leadership & career development, education, communications, health & wellness, bully prevention, time management & civic engagement.

The purpose of Girls; Live, Love, Laugh Inc. Is to make a difference in the lives of girls by removing some of the obstacles that may stand in their way, so that the can become respectable, successful, productive and happy ladies in society.

Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, Inc. implements a variety of programs for the young ladies in this organization that focuses on many pressing issues that are relevant in today’s society.

Our Mentor Groups offer:

Young Scholars Academy (YSA) – for girls ages 6-9 years old. The YSA workshops spotlight cultural awareness and creative expression through Arts, Dance, Music, Literature, Fashion, Health & Wellness.

Club10EN (C10) – specifically catered to girls age 10 years old. C10 incorporates our standard hygiene and etiquette workshops with a greater emphasis on lifestyle and character development. C10 workshops focus on Technology, Body Imagines, Civil Engagement, Dance through Zumba, World News, Literature & Entrepreneurship.

Princess of Purpose Starz (POPS) – for girls ages 11-13 years old. The objective of the POPS workshops is social development in the areas of Self-Esteem, Etiquette, Peer Group influence, Literature, Middle and High school transition, Health/Wellness (Yoga/Kickboxing) and one-on-one mentorship.

Royal Reader’s Club (RRC) – for girls ages 6-10 years old. The objective of the RRC is to enhance our young girls reading talents.