Don’t Forget To Vote To Today!

Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, Inc. wants to remind you to get out and vote today! Here are the top 5 reasons you should vote according to Black Enterprise Magazine:

1. One vote really does make a difference. Your vote can determine the course of legislative and executive action.

2. It’s your money. Your selection of representatives ultimately determines the allocation of resources for a range of public services, putting your tax dollars to work.

3. Voting promotes change. It is our opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in our communities, lives, and our children’s future. Our representatives play a vital role in determining the level of support for health care, college funding and small business financing, among other areas.

4. It’s your public duty. Your franchise is your voice; it is the basic role that you play in a democratic society. For African Americans, it should hold special significance since generations have fought and died for this right that was promised and protected by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

5. Voting is tied to your occupational advancement and personal wealth. The President, congressional representative and governors all influence policies and legislation related to minimum wage, fair employment practices, pay equity, health insurance and workplace safety on the national, state and local level. These issues impact your career advancement and your pocketbooks.